Tuesday, October 26, 2004

I'm Voting for Andy Griffith

After the first debate was described as 'Andy Griffith versus Barney Fife,' I suppose this was inevitable: Dubya, The Movie. Still, it's amusing. Brought to our attention by the Progressive Populist.

DailyKos informs us of a BBC report showing private detectives hired by the Florida GOP conducting under-cover surveillance of early voters as part of a campaign to challenge African-American voters, create long lines at polling stations, and discourage turn-out. Why are the Republicans trying to limit the number of voters on Nov. 2? Because they love freedom.

Also from DailyKos, a story that really should be getting more attention from the press: The Bush administration denied the military permission to strike at Abu Musab Zarqawi before the invasion of Iraq because to do so would have eliminated one of their reasons to invade Iraq.

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