Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Accountability for Bush & Cheney?

As those of us who oppose the Bush Administration (an increasing number, it seems!) celebrate the success of Democrats in yesterday's off-year elections, we must remember that there is still a very, very long road ahead of us. As part of the effort to keep the focus on holding Bush, Cheney, and Co. accountable, my favorite '04 presidential candidate, Dennis Kucinich, is doing his part by leading a resolution of inquiry into the fabricated intelligence that was used to justify war in Iraq. (For Kucinich's most recent floor speech on the issue, look here.) Also, I'm glad to see that Harry Reid and other Democratic Party leaders are finally showing some spine, such as by demanding that Bush make a pledge not to pardon any top administration officials (Libby, possibly Rove) who are convicted of felonies in connection with the investigation of the Plame leak.

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