Saturday, March 18, 2006

Thank You, Senator Feingold

I am pleased to support Senator Russ Feingold (D-Wisc.) in his effort to uphold the rule of law in the United States by censuring the President for wiretapping people without a court order. Bush is in direct and admitted violation of the law on this issue, and it is high time for people stand up and defend Constitutional principles.

The GOP and right-wing commentators seem to want more publicity for this than most D.C. Democrats. I find that a bit puzzling given that Feingold's charges are rock solid. Maybe over the short run, it looks like good PR for them to rally around the President, but in the long term it will be one bold step towards holding the President accountable for his actions. I predict that, in retrospect, Feingold will be applauded for his bold and principled stance, so different from the spin and cynical calculation that usually emanates from D.C. Thank you, Senator Feingold!


Intrepid Liberal Journal said...

I concur with your prediction. Remember, Feingold was the first U.S. Senator of either party to propose a timetable for withdrawl from Iraq. Most either ridiculed him (Republicans) or cowardly distanced themselves (Democrat) from him at the time. Shorly after, Congressman John Murtha followed up and the center of gravity shifted.

Feingold is ahead of the curve again. The timidity of the Democrats regarding Feingold's censure proposal is reminiscent of their intial timidity to Terry Shiavo. Feingold is a giant in a party of small minded feckless drones.

Tess said...

His wife (a judge) spoke at a pro-choice rally in St. Louis a week and a half ago, and she really impressed me. I wish more Democrats were standing up for their principles....