Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Did He Actually Say "Hegemony"?

While I've been focusing on who to support for President in '08, look what my '04 favorite Dennis Kucinich just said in Part IV of his series on "There Is Only One Way to End the War in Iraq"...Seriously, the piece is great--very prophetic, not what you will usually hear from an elected politician in America--and he DOES actually use the word "hegemony" in the opening paragraph.

As I mentioned before, I think a central issue we need to start gradually building support for is to drastically cut military spending in this country, so we can have the money to take care of urgent human needs. Kucinich is out there on a limb, making these arguments. I'm still proud of him.

As for the academic jargon ("hegemony"), maybe he's been reading Noam Chomsky.

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Rob said...

I remember when Kucinich proposed a Department of Peace and he was laughed at and ridiculed. It offended me because what's so damn funny about peace? To paraphrase Paul McCartney: Peace isn't silly. Peace isn't silly at all.