Thursday, April 16, 2009

A New Hope (not the Star Wars kind)

Naomi Klein always seems to have a sharp eye for cutting through the usual day to day discourse and focusing on what is really happening--the big picture. Her latest analysis of the state of the Left Progressive movement vis-a-vis the Obama Presidency, just published today in The Nation on-line, is well worth reading.

There may be some who still yearn for another hope fix from above, but I, for one, am ready to join Naomi Klein's call for a new kind of hope from the grassroots. Admittedly, I have been ready since even before the Inaguration, when Obama was ominously stacking his cabinet with the same old elite "centrist" insiders.

But now that we are almost past 100 days, and just past Tax Day, maybe we are passing the tipping point on the Progressive Left. Are we ready to finally start pushing Obama aggressively from the unified grassroots, or are we going to keep arguing about whether we should just trust Obama?

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