Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Mass Senate: Democrats, you suck. My God, how you suck.

Polls close in MA in a few minutes, and Coakley may yet pull out a win, though the odds are against it. But jeez, even if she does win--why was she running in the first place? Why isn't there a more credible Dem candidate for Senate here in North Carolina? Why is the media landscape dominated by Republican spin, even as the Dems enjoy historic majorities in both houses of Congress?

In part, there are structural reasons for this. The Dems don't control a major cable network, for example. But in their complete incapacity to seize a golden opportunity for good legislation and continued political dominance, the Democratic party is demonstrating once again that it completely sucks at being a political party. I mean--c'mon! Doesn't thirty years of being kicked around by some of the dumbest politicians ever to take the national stage teach you anything!? Holy flirking schnitt, people.

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