Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Is Trump off to the worst start ever?

With only a few executive orders to his credit (and the major one held up by the courts), his approval rating well below 50%, his National Security Advisor leaving his job and probably under investigation for repeated contacts during the campaign with Russian intelligence, it might be that Trump is off to the worst start ever of a US president.

As HowLongHasDonaldTrumpBeenPresident.com tells me, it's only a bit over 25 days since Trump took the oath of office. So thus far the record of William Henry Harrison, who died after 31 days in office, is safe.

I don't know that anyone has said it yet, but: Special Prosecutor? Trump's, or at least his organization's, ties to Russia might prove to be his Watergate. Still very early though. And if Trump is brought down by treason charges, does that mean that White supremacy and war against Islam is okay if you're *not* also supported by Russian intelligence?

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