Thursday, February 24, 2005

Military hiding casualty count? And casaulties?

This post from Suburban Guerilla looks at discrepancies between the 'official' Iraq war casualty count and the actual number of US troops and civilian personnel killed and wounded in Iraq. As the material in her post make clear, this issue has been touched on at various points by the US and foreign press, but like so many Bush administration frauds, no comprehensive investigation has ever been undertaken. (That's one of the perks of controlling both the White House and the Congress.) Particuarly intriguing, to me, are the reports that soldiers or contractors with no Green card are never listed in any US govt. casualty count. There are even reports--and supposedly some video footage--of graves of tens of people w/ US military uniforms being discovered in Iraq. That the Pentagon is using bureacratic rules to hide casualty counts is very plausible. That they might be hiding actual bodies in Iraq is less credible.

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