Monday, February 07, 2005

Perverted, God-hating Frenchies

The full title of an article on is: "Perverted, God-hating Frenchies vs. Inbred Sex-obsessed Yokels." It's written by Steve Waldman -- and is quite interesting. He points out both liberals and conservatives (the blues and the reds) tend to stereotype each other, and would rather make jokes based on those stereotypes than attempt to understand the real foundation of the other's views. I know that's true for me. However, if a progressive agenda is ever going to succeed, we need to be creating some alliances and not fortifying our hostilities.
I know -- yada, yada -- but I do think it's worth reading. See what you think.

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thirdpartydreamer said...

I like this article very much. The link Still Small Voice provided only takes you to the main page of beliefnet, though. Here's the URL for the article if you want to go right to it (and avoid contaminating your opinions by accidentally happening upon unexpected views...just kidding...):