Sunday, March 13, 2005

More economic warning signs?

Maybe the author of The Big Picture is more bearish than I thought. The title links to his compilation of some warning signs in the economy at the moment. To be fair to those less bearish, though, several of the collected warning signs are from the same person--Kurt Richebacher--and are basically variations on the theme "public and private deficits make the current recovery unstainable." Who is Kurt Richebacher? I had no idea, but a Google search revealed that he's been preaching gloom and doom (and not spelling in English particularly well) for several years. Indeed, the most substantial Google entry I found for him is from the website, which seems to be cashing in on economic paranoia by selling various precious metals. You can be forwarded to Investment Rarities by typing in the URL ''. In fact, the entire list compilation of 'gloom and doom' quotes may be compiled from the site.

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