Thursday, August 24, 2006

"Dance like a Caucasoid girl!"

Osama bin Laden is not only the shadowy leader of a world-wide network of ruthless terrorists, he is also a big fan of Whitney Houston, Van Halen, and the TV series "The Wonder Years." This according to Kola Boof, who has just published her autobiography in which she recounts her year as the captive lover of OBL. You can read an excerpt in Harper's, and catch a few more details from the coverage in the Daily Mail. Osama bin Laden expert Peter Hagen has tried to poor cold water on Boof's allegations by, for example, pointing out that two of the people Boof supposedly had a group sexual encounter with were dead at the time. But Boof's publisher assures the public that she and Boof "happen to know they're very much alive."

But what's really got me worried is what Osama's favorite TV shows are. No, not the 'Wonder Years'--I mean the other one: MacGyver! The thought of Osama bin Laden learning the explosives secrets of MacGyver means that no airliner in the world is safe until all fire extinguishers, wooden spoons, bamboo shoots and mud (and a whole lot of other stuff) is banned from carry-on luggage. Probably it should all be banned from checked baggage, too, just to be safe.

Until these modest, completely sane steps are taken, I, like Kola Boof, will be hearing "Rock Lobster" in my sleep. For me it will be a constant, hard-rock warning that we're not safe as long as MacOBL is out there.

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