Wednesday, May 24, 2006

In Philadelphia, ex-SEALS 'hunt' future Christian warriors

I'm very late on posting this, but it's just too weird to pass up. Via DailyKos diarist lapin comes this account of a rally for Christian youth in Philadelphia:
After Franklin "Islam is a Wicked Religion" Graham came out to thunder against the evils of homosexuality and the Iraqi people (whom he considers to be exactly the same people as the ancient Babylonians who enslaved the tribes of Israel and deserving, one would assume, the exact same fate) we heard an explosion. Flames shot out on stage and a team of Navy Seals was shown on the big TV monitors in full camouflage creeping forward down the hallway from the locker room with their M16s.
I can't think of anything to say about this--it's just too amazingly bizzare. And in Philadelphia? Be sure to check out Lapin's diary for pictures. The diary also links to a first-hand account by another Kos diarist, WorldCantWait, and more thorough coverage of BattleCry by Sunsara Taylor at Truthdig.

And in other news related to the death of satire, the stalwart supporters of Tom Delay have found a new, powerfull ally in their battle against the liberal media: Stephen Colbert.

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