Sunday, May 28, 2006

Masculinity, the Military, and the Massacre of Civilians

Continuing with the theme of modern hyper-masculinity and its ill effects in society, I was pleased this afternoon to discover the website of Stan Goff (blog name: Feral Scholar). His sharp and critical recent post entitled "Rogue Apple" on the now-disclosed massacre of civilians in Iraq--finding its roots in the military culture of masculinity--is just one of many provocative posts by this ex-Special Forces member and commentator on gender, imperialism, and the military, among other things.

I was first drawn to Stan Goff's site by the re-posting of his blog on Huffington Post, although it seems to have fallen off the front page by now. Some of Feral Scholar's posts are a bit more refreshingly radical than what one usually finds on HP, so check it out if you want something a little different than what you hear from the talking heads of the mainstream media (or even the more mainstream left-wing blogosphere).

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